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For foreign partners

With Global warming effecting more and more countries each year, the demand for enviromentally friendly products has increased dramatically in Russia. "DesignPages.ru" project is interested in new partnerships with companies working in the areas of eco-friendly building materials, furniture, appliances, and household products.

We will consider any offers from foreign companies on advertising, sales and distribution of such products on the territory of Russian Federation.

We offer your company to place the information resources on our site, where the information will be available in Russian as well as in English. Professional translators will translate your materials from English and German languages. All publications will have a direct link to your company's website and contact information.

Also, upon your request your can get any information from our resource translated into English/German languages. For all questions, please write to info@designpages.ru

We are looking forward to working with you.

Sencerely, Design Pages

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